Bolgheri Doc Wines Production and sale of certified Bolgheri wines

Bolgheri Doc Superiore

The best selection of our Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes.

Bolgheri Rosso Doc

Our first wine produced, an expression of typically Bolgheri character and elegance.

Le Pinete
Vermentino Bolgheri Doc

The Bolgheri sea and sun enclosed in a bottle.

Viognier Igt Toscana

A slight ageing in wood to enhance the elegance and fruitiness of the Viognier.

Our vineyards in Bolgheri

My family has lived in Bolgheri since 1950. Born and raised here, I have developed a very close relationship with this land over time.

In 2008, after graduating in viticulture and oenology, I decided to convert the family business centred on agriculture mixed with viticulture, with the aim of producing wines inspired by the excellence of Bolgheri, but expressing my own identity and that of the land we have always cultivated.

Being a winegrower has become a philosophy of life.

My vision is to be able to blend the two in each bottle that distinguish the winemaker: on the one hand the technical aspect, rationality, close ties with the land and respect for the surrounding environment, on the other hand creativity, interpretation of the vintage and its unpredictability that sometimes leads to innovation rather than maintenance.

Being a small company, I can personally follow every step, from the vineyard to the cellar, supported by a young and determined team. A familiar and modern environment that allows us to perform a craftsmanship, always striving for quality and sustainability.

Nestled in the beautiful Bolgheri landscape, protected by green hills and caressed by gentle summer breezes from the sea are our vineyards.

My expression of Bolgheri is the result of the combination of man – soil – vineyard.

The wine is born in the vineyard, there is no recipe, the use of barriques and the vinification processes serve to enhance and respect the characteristics of the vintage.

Experimentation and curiosity always lead us to seek elegance and verticality rather than opulence.

Wines that enhance the unique terroir of Bolgheri and express our passion, work and identity.