Bolgheri Doc Wines Production and sale of certified Bolgheri wines

Bolgheri Doc Superiore

The best selection of our Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes.

Bolgheri Rosso Doc

Our first wine produced, typical expressions of character and elegance from Bolgheri.

Le Pinete
Vermentino Bolgheri Doc

The Bolgheresi sea and sun enclosed in a bottle.

Viognier Igt Toscana

A light aging in wood to enhance the elegance and the fruit of the Viognier.

Our vineyards in Bolgheri

Eucaliptus is first of all a winery in Bolgheri runned by the Di Vaira family. Dario Di Vaira is the owner since 2008 after having taken the direction of the winery from his father Pasqualino.

Since 2008 the production has been focused on Bolgheri DOC wines.

This area of Tuscany is famous for its unique terroir, where for many factors, such as soils, average annual temperatures, humidity mitigated by winds and the influence of the sea, offers a perfect microclimate to produce wines expressing power, character and elegance.

The goal of the winery led by the young winemaker Dario Di Vaira, together with his family, is to produce great wines respecting the natural essence of the vintage and supporting the intrinsic characteristics of the territory

Vineyards are located inside the winery’s land along Via Bolgherese, and cover an area of 8 hectares (about 20 acres) planted since 1998, cultivated with low spurred cordon system with a density of 5680 vines/hectare and an average production of 70 quintals/hectare.

Varieties range from Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc to Merlot, from Sangiovese to Petit Verdot and a small amount of Syrah for red wines, whereas white wines include Vermentino, Viogner and Chardonnay.

Harvesting is strictly done by hand, after a careful selection of grapes, they are cooled in a thermo-conditioned environment in order to preserve aromas and scents.

Vinification takes place in the modern cellar by means of the most advanced wine-making equipment, always with the aim of preserving the quality and health of the grapes.

Son of a family of farmers and winemakers in Bolgheri since 1950, the company Dario Di Vaira was born in 2008 after graduating in viticulture and enology.

Soon from an opportunity to give a future to the company, being a winemaker has become a reason to live. Today we cultivate 8 hectares of vineyards in the heart of the Bolgheri denomination, from which we produce 4 wines, the Doc Bolgheri Superiore, the Clarice Doc Bolgheri Rosso, Le Pinete Doc Bolgheri Vermentino, and the Rapè IGT Toscana from Viognier grapes.

My vision is to be able to merge in every bottle the two factors that distinguish the winemaker, on the one hand the technical aspect, rationality, the close link with the territory and respect for the surrounding environment, on the other hand creativity, the interpretation of the vintage and its unpredictability that sometimes leads to innovate instead of maintaining.

Born and raised in Bolgheri I have developed over time a very close relationship with this land, basing the work on the rhythm of the season to accommodate the qualities and characteristics of each parcel of vineyard. Since 2015 all the production is managed with organic methods.