olio extravergine di oliva toscano

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
Production and selling

The extra virgin olive oil production represents a pride of the farm because of the highest quality and because it emphasizes the Tuscany tradition also.

The olive trees cultivated are 1200 in total, the half part was planted in the field in “Bolgherese Street” in 1998 and the other part was planted in the fields up on the hill, where there are the century-old trees. The olive oil is produced in the very new olive press few kilometres far from the farm, for that reason from the harvest of the olives by hand to their pressing it will be passed few hours only.

That will allow to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a very low acidity. It’s very wholesome and light good for cooking, it can be use in yours dishes raw which will exalt the taste offering unforgettable sensation.


Varietà: moraiolo, frantoio, leccino.

Raccolta: a mano.

Frangitura: ciclo continuo alfa laval.

Spremitura: a freddo.

Acidità: 0,2%

Formati bottiglie di vetro 0,50 litri – 0,75 litri – 1 litro

Formati latte: 3 litri e 5 litri.

olio extravergine di oliva toscano